The Large Pot
The Large Pot
The Large Pot
The Large Pot
The Large Pot

The Large Pot

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Marly's self-watering planters help keep plant care simple. Refill Marly once a month, through their patented watering ring, and never forget to water, under-water or over-water again. With both small and large modular extension legs, you can adjust the height of your Marly planter. You can even stack multiple planters, now, or later.

Short Leg Extension: click here

Long Leg Extension: click here

Dimensions: 14.74" x 13.82" x 21.61"

All Marly products are sustainably sourced and manufactured;

External Reservoir: Made with HDPE, 60/40 combination of virgin to recycled material. Highly durable, can weather indoor and outdoor climates
*Marly is a new business and working toward 100% recycled materials

Root Basket: Made with recycled aluminum, powder-coated to provide longer durability and foods safe

Warranty: 5 years

Product / Plant Care: Twice a year, removal of root basket, drain water and add Marly fertilizer to enhance root health/ To clean the reservoir, drop Marly sanitization tablet inside the reservoir.


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