Meet the Brands

BAUX was established in Sweden by global industrial design studio Form Us With Love back in 2013. We often talk about the sustainable makeup of BAUX's materials and its technical applications. While sustainable solutions certainly drive the company's mission, BAUX is also focused on increasing awareness about good acoustic design and the health benefits associated with proper sound absorption. Good acoustics increase productivity, facilitate learning and reduce stress, and the world needs restful acoustics right now.
Form us With Love
BAUX wood wool
Debbie Bean is in the 7th year of running her eponymous stained glass company. A small, woman-owned business, Debbie has carved out quite a space for herself as a craftsperson in a niche industry. We love the fresh perspective she brings to interiors. After all, environments can affect moods, and colors can affect mental states. And Debbie wants to make sure the effects are positive. 
Debbie BeanDebbie Bean @ Jack Knife Records
Fyrn chairs, stools, and soon, tables, are the result of a lifelong love for craftsmanship and woodworking. With a stellar team based in San Francisco, founders Dave and Ros have built a small business that works sustainability into their manufacturing practices and company philosophy. Fyrn’s products are designed to be put together in a system of parts and pieces, not only streamlining manufacturing but also allowing for pieces to be replaced if needed — however, this is almost never needed! Word on the street is, Fyrn's claim rate is less than .10%!
Fyrn Team
Fyrn @ Lioco
In 2016, Ian Yang founded Gantri in San Francisco with a background in software and product design. As a small, minority-owned business, Gantri has turned into a one-of-a-kind digital manufacturing company that puts both the planet and designers first. We admire Ian's lofty vision, and love that he is trying to level the playing field for independent studios and nascent designers — all while making our spaces more beautiful.

Gantri Founder Ian Ynag

Nomadory is a women-owned small business based in San Francisco with a global reach. Founders Akta and Vrnda started their company with minds to marry commerce and technology, and in doing so, they have built out a platform that digitizes supply chains while maintaining strong relationships with suppliers. Many of their suppliers in India are small, women-owned, or family businesses. As a minority-owned company, Nomadory is making it possible for the interiors industry to source from small artisans in a timely, cost-effective manner while being ethical and transparent. We're here for it.

Nomadory Founders Akta Adani & Vrnda Dalal

Poketo was founded by husband and wife team Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung in 2003. What began as a small startup has become a go-to spot for its wide range of products that fuse lifestyle with art and discerning design. All of us here at DE own more than a few items from Poketo, and we encourage you to make this minority-owned company your go-to, too.
Poketo Founders Ted Vadakan & Angie Myung
RAD! Look at this team. We love the working environment that founders Ryan and Russell have created at RAD HQ here in Los Angeles. With an eye for simple design and clean lines, this small business won't be small for much longer. Especially when you add in their philosophy around materials, sustainability, and commitment to manufacturing locally. Give them a heads up and stop by sometime if you can — you might even get to play a quick game of basketball after you peep some products.

RAD TeamRAD @ Whole Foods

Let's shift to Shift. (We love saying that.) Shift is actually called Shiftmakes, and was founded in 2009 by Tim and Mario of Shiftspace, as a response to a need for furniture that could easily fit into outdoor, landscaped environments. It has since grown into a healthy small business offering customizable, high impact furniture designs through low impact means and materials that fit indoors and outdoors.

Shift founders & Rambler

Meet Sun at Six: the brainchild of Chinese-American designer Antares Yee. Quality, sustainable furniture has been a priority from the beginning – a positive side-effect of growing up surrounded by furniture design and production. Sun at Six furniture is manufactured using traditional Chinese joinery and sustainably sourced materials in a Chinese factory that is one of the greenest in the world. Yee strives to design products through a global lens while simultaneously changing the narrative around Chinese design and production, and DE could not be more excited to help tell this story.

Antares Yee, Sun at Six

Sun at Six 

Work in progress is just that...a work in progress. Our goal is to bring you a fresh take on everyday objects while highlighting not only the designers we collaborate with, but also the manufacturers who bring the products to life. As a queer, womxn owned business, WIP will prioritize giving people of color, womxn, queer, non-binary, and transgender designers a voice in the contemporary design community. With each launch, we will take you behind the scenes and introduce you to the makers, the materials they work with, and their processes. We will always do our best to be transparent with our processes, material choices, and who we choose to manufacture with and why. Our collection is intended for both residential and commercial spaces. Get ready, because we won’t be shying away from color!

Work in progress founder Emma Holland Denvir

Work in progress rugs by Jessica Poundstone