Meet the Brands

Amigo Modern is the design manifestation of artist, Eric Trine.  Born and raised in Southern California, Eric's vision for Amigo arises from the imaginary question of: What if Charles Eames, Buckminster Fuller, and David Hockney were surfing buddies? The recipe is a heap of modern sincerity and hopefulness (Eames), a fidelity to geometry and structural clarity (Fuller), finished with all the hues that have canonized the color of LA (Hockney) - throw in a few dashes of salt air, and that's about it. Approachable, casual, modern furniture - all designed and built in LA.

Eric Trine of Amigo Modern x Denvir EnterprisesAmigo Modern C Laptop Table for Denvir Enterprises

BAUX was established in Sweden by global industrial design studio Form Us With Love back in 2013. We often talk about the sustainable makeup of BAUX's materials and its technical applications. While sustainable solutions certainly drive the company's mission, BAUX is also focused on increasing awareness about good acoustic design and the health benefits associated with proper sound absorption. Good acoustics increase productivity, facilitate learning and reduce stress, and the world needs restful acoustics right now.

Form us with Love x BAUX x Denvir EnterprisesBAUX wood wool tilesBAUX for Denvir EnterprisesBAUX panels for Denvir Enterprises

Debbie Bean is in the 8th year of running her eponymous stained glass company. A small, woman-owned business, Debbie has carved out quite a space for herself as a craftsperson in a niche industry. We love the fresh perspective she brings to interiors. After all, environments can affect moods, and colors can affect mental states. And Debbie wants to make sure the effects are positive. 

Debbie Bean x Denvir EnterprisesDebbie Bean @ Cumulus for Denvir EnterprisesDebbie Bean @ Frank Lloyd Wright x Denvir Enterprises

We are so excited to add Ege by Talk Carpets to our roster. Founded in Denmark in 1938, Ege is the biggest carpet manufacturer in Europe, and the owner of a Militron machine - one of only two machines that exist worldwide. It's been in continuous production for over 50 years.

Ege has, quite literally, thousands of designs to choose from, including designer lines by renowned humans like Tom Dixon Studio and Mr. Christian Lacroix. Whether it's customized or standard, carpets take just 7-9 weeks from PO to delivery. All rugs have a 15-year warranty, meet all of the fire ratings required in the US, and we have samples galore. Ege is also the only carpet company to have 100% of their products cradle-to-cradle certified. 

Ege by Talk CarpetEge by Talk Carpets for Pali Hotel Seattle x Denvir EnterprisesEge by Talk Carpets x Denvir Enterprises

Esaila is a Taiwan-based design house founded by designer Kenyon Yeh. It has introduced a collection of contemporary minimalist designs consisting of furniture, lighting and objects. 

The name Esaila derived from a Taiwanese colloquial ‘可以’, which means ‘be able to’, to reflect their ideology in our designs. Esaila believes that a good design is a synthesis of commitment and determination in the pursuit of technical and aesthetic harmony yet retain a sense of lightness and quirkiness, such as in our everyday lives.
Besides featuring Kenyon Yeh’s design, Esaila is always on the lookout for young passionate designers from around the globe to form collaboration.

Kenyon Yeh of Esaila x Denvir EnterprisesEsaila's Pushpin Stool x Denvir EnterprisesKipa Table by Esaila for Denvir Enterprises

In 2016, Ian Yang founded Gantri in San Francisco with a background in software and product design. As a small, minority-owned business, Gantri has turned into a one-of-a-kind digital manufacturing company that puts both the planet and designers first. We admire Ian's lofty vision, and love that he is trying to level the playing field for independent studios and nascent designers — all while making our spaces more beautiful.

Ian Yang of Gantri x Denvir EnterprisesArtifox Table Lamp by Gantri x Denvir EnterprisesBuddy Light by Gantri x Denvir Enterprises

Marly provides a new, easier way to keep your plants happy. Our self-watering planters help keep plant care simple. Refill Marly once a month, through our patented watering ring and never forget to water, under-water or over-water again.

Alex of Marly x Denvir EnterprisesMarly Garden x Denvir Enterprises

Mexa is a team of passionate creatives from Guadalajara, Mexico. It all started with a single chair; now their passion has evolved into tradition, quality and design. Mexa aims to bring comfort and joy into our customer’s lives, through everyday objects. 

All of Mexa's products are proudly handmade in their factory in Guadalajara, Mexico, making each chair unique. They strive daily to complement clients' ideas and projects, whether it’s a concept or design; Mexa will create wonderful results that will take your breath away.

Mexa Founder Sofi + Marco x Denvir EnterprisesMexa x Denvir EnterprisesMexa x Denvir Enterprises

Nomadory is a women-owned small business based in San Francisco with a global reach. Founders Akta and Vrnda started their company with minds to marry commerce and technology, and in doing so, they have built out a platform that digitizes supply chains while maintaining strong relationships with suppliers. Many of their suppliers in India are small, women-owned, or family businesses. As a minority-owned company, Nomadory is making it possible for the interiors industry to source from small artisans in a timely, cost-effective manner while being ethical and transparent. We're here for it. Below you can find custom rugs designed by Denvir Enterprises + Work in progress and produced by Nomadory. 

Akta and Vrnda, Foundres of Nomadory x Denvir EnterprisesWork in progress rug by Nomadory x Denvir EnterprisesNomadory for Denvir Enterprises

RAD! We love the working environment that founders Ryan and Russell have created at RAD HQ here in Los Angeles. With an eye for simple design and clean lines, this small business won't be small for much longer. Especially when you add in their philosophy around materials, sustainability, and commitment to manufacturing locally. Give them a heads up and stop by sometime if you can — you might even get to play a quick game of basketball after you peep some products.

RAD Furniture team x Denvir EnterprisesRAD's Radius Collection x Denvir EnterprisesRAD's Square Lounge Series x Denvir EnterprisesRAD for Denvir Enterprises

Rohi is a textile brand that was founded in 1933 by the designer Marga Hielle-Vatter and textile engineer Rolf Hielle, after whom rohi is named. Today, it is a 3rd generation run family business. 
All of Rohi textiles are manufactured in wool. Why? Because wool is magical. A few quick facts
  1. Wool is a natural renewable raw material, and contains no chemicals.
  2. Easy to clean (liquids pill on top of the fiber rather than absorb into the textile).
  3. Resilient! It keep its form and is wrinkle free - it can expand up to 30% of its length and return to its original shape.
Even though rohi has been around since 1933, their textiles have historically been used in very specific commercial settings. Rohi was one of the first manufacturers to capture business in the aircraft sector. 
While rohi has recently begun to move into the interiors space abroad, DE is excited to be one of the first companies to represent them stateside. ☺️  rohi has several different textile lines available for use with anywhere from 50,000 - 120,000 double rubs, and their in-house laboratory makes sure of that. 

rohi owners x Denvir Enterprises rohi x Denvir Enterprisesrohi x Denvir Enterprisesrohi x Denvir Enterprises

Let's shift to Shift. (We love saying that.) Shift is actually called Shiftmakes, and was founded in 2009 by Tim and Mario of Shiftspace, as a response to a need for furniture that could easily fit into outdoor, landscaped environments. It has since grown into a healthy small business offering customizable, high impact furniture designs through low impact means and materials that fit indoors and outdoors.

Mario + Tim of Shift x Denvir EnterprisesRambler 84 by Shift x Denvir EnterprisesShift Planters @ Shake Shack x Denvir Enterprises

Meet Sun at Six: the brainchild of Chinese-American designer Antares Yee. Quality, sustainable furniture has been a priority from the beginning – a positive side-effect of growing up surrounded by furniture design and production. Sun at Six furniture is manufactured using traditional Chinese joinery and sustainably sourced materials in a Chinese factory that is one of the greenest in the world. Yee strives to design products through a global lens while simultaneously changing the narrative around Chinese design and production, and DE could not be more excited to help tell this story.

Antares Yee of Sun at Six x Denvir EnterprisesTemi Collection by Sun at Six x Denvir EnterprisesMoon Stools by Sun at Six x Denvir Enterprises

Work in progress is an incredible new queer — as in both gay and weird — brand that partners with a diverse set of otherworldly artists, designers, makers and manufacturers to bring you cool, sustainable stuff. WIP is brought to you by the team at Denvir Enterprises, our sibling B2B brand. 

We named Work in progress 'work in progress' because we all, as humans, are always developing and growing, and so too is our brand.

Not only do we highlight the designers, but we'll always highlight the manufacturers. Want to work with them? Great. We've vetted them! Ask us for a referral or reach out directly.

One last note, when not working, as a team we enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset.

Emma Holland Denvir of Work in progress and Denvir EnterprisesRug Two by Work in progress x Denvir EnterprisesWork in progress for Denvir EnterprisesCat Couch by Work in progress x Denvir Enterprises