Denvir Enterprises is a non-binary-owned and NGLCC certified small business. Approximately 50% of the brands represented are minority, LGBTQIA, and/or women-owned. DE is focused on continuing to add a diverse set of manufacturers to its roster.

Here at Denvir Enterprises, it’s of the utmost importance to practice inclusivity. As a non-binary, queer-owned business, it is paramount to us for many reasons to work with a diverse group of clients, consultants, teammates, and brands. If we limit ourselves to certain perspectives, the outcome will be equally limited. If we explore a wide array of opinions, thoughts, and cultures, the more exciting and dynamic the results will be.

Inequality (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, fatphobia, +) is systemic and inextricably intertwined within our economic system. As a for-profit business profiting from a capitalist economy, we vow to prioritize inclusivity in not only our hiring process, but also in who we work with. We are committed to fighting injustice and donating both profits and our time to organizations that are dedicated to helping those that have suffered from the oppressive systems in the United States.