Custom Rugs Process

Custom rugs is our super power & this is how we do it!

Nomadory is our trusted partner for easy, ethical, and transparent sourcing in India. Together, we can help you create custom rugs that will make your project truly one of a kind. 

We've got you covered with both Indoor & Outdoor rug capabilities.
There are two paths we can go down when we create custom rugs in terms of design:

You design it, We make it. 

or Even Better...

We design it, We make it.*

Just share some inspiration with us and that’s enough to get us started. We’ll take it from there & check in with you along the way.*

Custom Rugs: BTS

Send us your brief

We work on custom rugs all the time, and each project is different. Sometimes, the brief has a specific reference image to guide us, and sometimes it's just a mood board and a general direction. Make sure to always include dimensions and any spacial requirements.

Studying the context

Understanding the context of where each rug is going helps to establish a visual direction. Getting an idea of the furniture, finishes, and any other elements in the space aids in determining the design and color ways for your rug(s). Make sure to send us mood boards, floor plans, or any other furniture decks.

Hereʼs where the fun begins! We produce 2-3 designs per rug for you to review. Feedback can either be done over email or we can schedule design development calls. We work with you for up to 2 stages of design exploration.


Once the PO is placed, we'll move into technical drawings. These shop drawings help Nomadory and their partners in India manufacturer your rug as designed. 



Nomadory's vetted manufacturers in India start the production of your one-of-a-kind rug. It begins with spinning the yarn, followed by dying the yarn to match selected pom colors. Then, production based on the specified technique begins.

Lastly, the rug(s) go through quality assurance before being carefully packed and shipped.

We believe in transparency so we make sure to keep you in the loop every step of the way.