Rohi is a textile brand that was founded in 1933 by the designer Marga Hielle-Vatter and textile engineer Rolf Hielle, after whom rohi is named. Today, it is a 3rd generation family-run business. 

All of Rohi textiles are manufactured in wool. Why? Because wool is magical. Wool is…
  • A natural renewable raw material, and contains no chemicals.
  • Fast growing - sheep produce a new fleece twice per year.
  • The strongest natural fiber you can buy.
  • Easy to clean (liquids pill on top of the fiber rather than absorb into the textile).
  • A natural temperature regulator. When it’s hot outside wool is cool and when it is cool outside, wool is warm. It's true!
  • Flame resistant by nature.
  • A natural sound absorber. 
  • Resilient! It keep its form and is wrinkle free - it can expand up to 30% of its length and return to its original shape.
  • Absorbent - it can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp.
  • A natural purifier - wool works as a natural air filter.
Even though rohi has been around since 1933, their textiles have historically been used in very specific commercial settings. Rohi was one of the first manufacturers to capture business in the aircraft sector.
While rohi has recently begun to move into the interiors space abroad, DE is excited to be one of the first companies to represent them stateside. ☺️  rohi has several different textile lines available for use with anywhere from 50,000 - 120,000 double rubs, and their in-house laboratory makes sure of that. 

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