Long Leg Extension

Long Leg Extension

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Marly's self-watering planters help keep plant care simple. Refill Marly once a month, through their patented watering ring, and never forget to water, under-water or over-water again. With both small and large modular extension legs, you can adjust the height of your Marly planter. You can even stack multiple planters, now, or later.

Dimensions: 0.50" x 13.70" x 1.63"

All Marly products are sustainably sourced and manufactured;

External Reservoir: Made with HDPE, 60/40 combination of virgin to recycled material. Highly durable, can weather indoor and outdoor climates
*Marly is a new business and working toward 100% recycled materials

Root Basket: Made with recycled aluminum, powder-coated to provide longer durability and foods safe

Warranty: 5 years

Product / Plant Care: Twice a year, removal of root basket, drain water and add Marly fertilizer to enhance root health/ To clean the reservoir, drop Marly sanitization tablet inside the reservoir.

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