Denvir Enterprises Launch!

You've been waiting for a multi-line sales agency that makes your life not only easier but also... more fun.
You know your standard multi-line reps? Well, throw everything you know about them out the window. We're here to shake it up. For example, Denvir Enterprises and the brands we work with are territory free! It doesn't matter where you are located or where your project is installing, we're your people.
We are so excited to work with you and bring you the coolest brands... and all of the nitty-gritty information you need to get your specifications done efficiently and without breaking a sweat.
Hit reply if you'd like to learn more about any of the brands below, receive a quote, send a PO, get samples, test a demo, etc. You know the drill. Check out our specifier friendly Brand Guide.
DRUM ROLL, PLEASE! Introducing:
Debbie Bean
RAD @ Sweetgreen Los Angeles
Dims., Debbie Bean, Poketo, bläanks
Here at Denvir Enterprises, it’s of the utmost importance to practice inclusivity. As a queer female business owner, it is paramount to me for many reasons to work with a diverse group of clients, consultants, teammates, and brands. If we limit ourselves to certain perspectives, the outcome will be equally limited. If we explore a wide array of opinions, thoughts, and cultures, the more exciting and dynamic the results will be.
We work with a wide range of manufacturers in varying capacities. We choose our partnering vendors because we know that you the customer can’t wait to meet them, hear their story and spec their product. Each brand brings something truly unique to the market in addition to being at the forefront of sustainability with eco-friendly practices.
Every brand we work with is contract grade and ready to outperform a home or resiliently exist for years in a commercial environment.
Thanks a million for reading our launch letter. You can expect bi-weekly emails from us. We will be highlighting new products, fun facts, noteworthy industry news, project installs, etc. We will not be wasting your time or boring you.
Emma & DE Team

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