DE is officially bi-coastal! We are so excited to announce Shift as the newest brand to join Denvir Enterprises. Based in Philadelphia, PA, Shift was founded in 2009 as a brand with an ambition to create expressive options for outdoor lifestyles. Read on!
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Let's talk about sustainability.

So many companies, across all industries, claim to be sustainable. But what does that actually mean? At DE, we value the economy, society and the environment, and the brands we work with represent those ideals as well. Take a peek below to see why our brands are hip to the meaning of sustainability.
** bläanks brings their A-game when it comes to the environment.
bläanks is your go-to for commercially knitted pillows and throws, and they know a thing or two (or three!) about sustainability. Check out their website here for deets on their made to order, made in the USA programs. MTO = no wasted inventory. Dry cleaning? No way! Their recycled cotton, Egyptian cotton, and merino wool yarns are all machine washable. If we haven't blown your mind yet, go read more about the process behind their recycled cotton here!
Gantri keeps the planet in mind with their unique use of sugar crops.
Beets! Sugar Cane! Corn! Gantri is the world’s first digital manufacturer for designer lighting. They searched far and wide for the perfect, sustainable material, only to find that the answer lies in nature. Gantri Plant Polymers are used for all of their premium lighting products, making their lights durable and great for the planet. Now, if only they were edible...
Shift Makes
Shift is very serious about their carbon footprint.
Shift is the newest addition to the DE family, and we couldn't be more proud. All materials are sourced domestically, and products are manufactured within a 300 mile radius of their hometown in Philadelphia. The collection employs forms and materials, both natural and synthetic, that oppose a throwaway mentality, and embraces durability. Check out their portfolio here, and let's all pretend we're having the coolest socially distanced picnic, like, ever.
Poketo, RAD, Debbie Bean
An estimated 17 billion pounds of office furniture ends up in landfills each year. It makes sense that RAD has a few thoughts on the sustainability of furniture - the foremost being that furniture that is built to last is inherently sustainable. They're not wrong! Take a look here to check out a detailed list of the materials they work with, and why.
Debbie Bean
When you think of glass as a material, you might think 'breakable.' The Augsburg Cathedral would beg to differ - it has stained glass windows that date back to the 11th century. It's safe to say that Debbie Bean's choice of glass as a medium means that her creations are durable, and meant to last a lifetime - or several. If only those cathedral windows could talk!
A few glances at Poketo's website and it's not hard to see that they care about sustainability. From Bamboo Dinner Plates to a Goal Planner printed with environmentally friendly tree-free paper, they are committed to bringing you the best accessories while keeping the planet in mind. Go forth and goal-set!
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