Return To Work : The DE Vision

Return to Work : The DE Vision
We recently conducted a survey on how the pandemic affected workspace design in 2020, and to see how 2021 is shaping up. The word 'survey' may have made your eyes glaze over but hear us out! This is interesting!

Here's a summary of the Hot Goss(ip):

Overall Mood: Optimistic! Things are on track to getting back to what will be the new normal. Project wheels are in motion.

The Stats:
      • On average, designers saw between 2-5 of their projects put on hold last year.
      • Approximately 85% of projects have come back and those that haven't will likely come back by the end of the year. 
      • 0-1 projects were canceled; generally, the scopes of projects were changed rather than canceled.
      • On average, 4 new projects have entered workspace pipelines as of late 2020/early 2021.
Changes that employers + employees are looking to make in their workplaces:
      • More space.
      • More furniture that allows for collaboration.
      • Lounge furniture that is less lounge, more function.
      • Less desking.
      • Spaces and furniture that are adaptable.
      • More plants!
      • Rooms dedicated to wellness + balance.
What's the new new?
      • Timelines are longer.
      • Much more focus on strategy + planning spaces for long term. 
And now...

Remember at the beginning of the pandemic last year, when people were saying they wanted to work from home forever? Some people still do, but most favor a hybrid model, like working 3 days from home, and 2 at the office, or vice versa. But, if people are going to the office, it's with a purpose; for a specific meeting, team collaboration, socialization. Even if humans do have short memory spans, the hybrid work model is likely here to stay. So, how will companies build out office spaces to reflect that? We've put together some ideas for floor plans utilizing furniture from the brands we represent below.👇
Floor Plan Spotlight #1 : DE does desking.

We envision the concept of desking being a whole new world. ☺️ Staggered tables paired with muted but colorful seating and accessories create a unique working environment. We think adding task lights with purpose, and biophilia everywhere, will make going to back to the workplace feel like a cross between home and the pre-pandemic office. 

Key: 1) Fyrn Mariposa Chair 2) Poketo Accessories 3) Rad Steel Radius Table 4) Debbie Bean Stained Glass 5) Shift Bolton Planter 6) Gantri Suyo Table Light
Floor Plan Spotlight #2 : Collaborate.
The thing people are missing most about the workplace right now is the ability to collaborate. The DE floorplan lays out several collab spaces that can be arranged for maintaining a comfortable distance while getting your point across. 😉 Circular, picnic and counter height tables make sure your breakout spaces aren't repetitive. A mix of seating, accessories and planters give you all of the options. 

Key: 5) Shift Planter 7) Fyrn Counter Stool 8) RAD Aluminum T-Leg Cafe Table 9) Gantri Maskor + Dulce Table Lights 10) Sun at Six Crest Round Table 11) Shift Rambler Picnic Table 12) Shift Peel Counter Stool
Floor Plan Spotlight #3 : Lounge areas where you can actually work.
Another thing we heard more than once is that most lounge areas are really difficult to work in. It's hard to work from a sofa that feels like a gooey marshmallow enveloping you for a nap. With that in mind, we've thought up a space that's both cozy and functional with a firm but cushy modular sofa, lounge chairs that pair with coffee and laptop tables, and of course a floor lamp and plants, plants, plants. 

Key: 5) Shift Planter 14) Sun at Six Yam Sofa 15) Rad Steel Drum Coffee Table 16) Gantri Gio Floor Lamp 17) Shift Peel Side Table 18) Sun at Six Ten Chair 19) Sun at Six Ohm Table 20) Nomadory Rug
“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”
—Albert Einstein

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