New Rugs + Bläanks' Soothing Sample Kits.

Alert! New rugs coming soon!

In a few short weeks, you'll be able to pre-order beautiful, hand-woven, flat-weave cotton rugs.


We'd love your support as we launch this new endeavor. Sign up for the rug waitlist 
here, and follow our new IG here
We're still talking samples over here, and this week we are focused on bläanks. bläanks is your go-to for customizing throws and pillows in three different yarns: recycled cotton, Egyptian cotton, and fine merino wool. Their handy sample kits will allow you to feel each juicy yarn, see the patterns/textures, and decide on colors.

Customizing is truly as easy as 1-2-3. 👇
1. Choose your texture/pattern.
2. Choose your yarn.
3. Choose your color(s).

MOQ? 5. BOOM. Send us an email to order a sample kit!
Recycled cotton.
Egyptian cotton.
Fine merino wool.
Thank you!

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