MOOD: Winding Down.


Mood is a word we've seen used A LOT in 2020. This 2nd week of December finds us feeling quite tender, but also hopeful. Since we've all learned how much environments matter, we invite you to enjoy this muted, calming mood board featuring the brands that, by now, we hope you know and love. 🥰
This is Gantri's Gio Floor Light. Did you know that all Gantri lighting products come with a dimming switch? We love them for hotels...and homes...and...everywhere. They're like a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' book, but, you know, for moods. 😉

*For a 10% discount, use the code DENVIR at checkout!
It really amazes us how changing the elements of the same chair can change an environment. 

Exhibit A: Fyrn Mariposa Chair in Oxidized Oak with Matte Silver brackets.
Exhibit B: Fyrn Stanyan Bar Stool in Black Walnut with Black brackets.

Two different vibes, to be sure. Oh! And No MOQ's for COL. 🎉
Seriously though! Who is going to be the first designer to put this twee Shift Rambler picnic table indoors on a project? The color is customizable! Shift is about to add power to their Ramblers AND offer cushions in 2021! Just do it! We're here for you!

And the Peel Side Table. The perfect table for a boutique hotel, no? 🤔
Are you working on a pool deck right now? Please call us so we can talk to you about this RAD Signature Chaise Lounge. RAD Chaise Lounges are like chameleons — you can customize the powder coat AND the fabric! They become whatever you need them to be. ✨

*Props to the complimentary Drum Side Table — Or Stool! What a pair. 
BAUX. You already know their products as a sound absorption game changer. Above, we've featured Coffeebar in Menlo Park, CA, designed by Walker Warner Architects. For the interior, they collaborated with Nicole Hollis. It's one of our favorite BAUX installs, because they used BAUX wood wool tiles on the ceiling. And boy oh boy is it a mood. ♥
bläanks is the go-to knit manufacturer for all things hospitality. Period. So zhuzh. up. your. space. The MOQ is (5), and with a quantity of (25), you can customize to your hearts desire. Pictured here is a pillow in the Triangle Texture in Navy, and a throw in the Striped, Ribbed Texture in asfalto/rugiata. Now say 'asfalto/rugiata' five times, fast. 😂
We've said it before and we'll say it again — we love Nomadory for its work with Indian artisans. Newly featured here on the left is a White & Black Pillow that was hand-woven on a loin loom. The MOQ for this beauty is (10), and this pattern can also be used for a rug runner. 100% cotton. Azo-free dyes. 

Mind  b l o w n !

You can also check out the 
Striped Black & White Throw, along with Nomadory's Up-cycled Leather PillowsHelp us support Nomadory supporting women and family-owned businesses! 🌟
If you're looking to round out your project, we highly suggest you check out Debbie Bean. We recently talked about her newly released California Collection, and we are more than happy to share another piece from that collection above. Visit her site to see some new shapes, and receive a 15% trade discount at checkout when you use the code DE15. Ahhhh. 😌

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