Headquartered in the U.S. Of A.

Did you know that all Denvir Enterprises brands are based in the US?

YES! It's true! When you purchase your FF&E from DE, not only are you supporting US manufacturers and their employees, but you can also rely on a fast turn around, unimpeded by the hassles of overseas production.
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Check Out the Dream Team
Ryan Anderson of RAD Furniture
 LA based: RAD is not only headquartered in Los Angeles but also manufactures all products locally.
Ryan Anderson, RAD's founder, is highlighted above working on their Signature Fireside Lounge. Ryan founded RAD as a response to the furniture needs of family and friends. Those needs defined RAD's initial approach, designs, and ultimately, their community-driven ethos. While their business has grown and evolved, their mission has remained the same. It's no surprise they are a favorite of companies like Sweetgreen, Whole Foods, and Nike.
Gantri digital manufacturer
Gantri, a digital manufacturer, produces all lighting products in their hometown of San Francisco.
3D printers don't usually have cool names, but Gantri's certainly does. Their proprietary 3D printer named Dancer (!) prints each product's parts, layer by layer. From there, each part is sanded, and then either painted with a water-based paint or a UV protective coating to prevent yellowing. The Gantri Team then assembles each light, performs a quality check, and packages it. Bonus: all parts are UL listed, and the the entire process takes place on U.S. soil! Go Gantri!
Debbie Bean, Poketo, bläanks, Dims., Block Shop
Like RAD and DE, many of our current brands are headquartered in Los Angeles.
Los Angeles has always had a strong design scene, and DE is excited to have several LA-based brands on our roster.
bläanks is a female-owned textile brand with a dreamy studio located in Hancock Park. We loved stumbling on this inspiration board of knits, stitches and colors. It's a studio, and brand, that piques all of the senses, and right now we are really wishing that you could reach through your computer screen to have your own experience. Someday...
Lately, Dims. has been dreaming up collaborations with L.A. brands like Block Shop Textiles, where the Cleo chair is featured in their studio. That's one of the things we love about Dims. — their furniture can fit into any environment. And sometimes it comes with a dog! Kidding.
Debbie Bean Stained Glass
This photo of Debbie Bean perfectly captures her cool and classy vibe. You'll find that LA's earthy desert tones and sun-soaked culture shine through in many of her stained-glass pieces. This diamond is giving us desert sunset vibes, and this triangle, well - who doesn't love a rainbow? Now imagine it as a partition or large-scale installation in your next project...
Based in DTLA, Poketo has grown from a small start-up into a renowned lifestyle brand and creative partner. With a carefully curated collection of design-conscious goods, Poketo's website is a treat for your brain — from their newly launched food planner to these bamboo coasters you didn't even know you needed, Poketo is ready to help spice up your environment, and life.

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