Fyrn's Darling Sample Kits.

The first thing we think of when we hear the word 'sample' is cake. There should be more free cake samples in the world. Period. 

The second thing we think of is sample kits. (What with the industry we work in and all.) When we wrote our last post about BAUX's new samples, we had no idea we'd be doing a series on sample kits –– but here we are!

This week: Fyrn. You know Fyrn as the SF-based manufacturer making the wooden chairs and stools your project just can't live without. (Spoiler alert: new things coming soon.) Take a peek below at their sample kit to see all of the colors and materials in one place. Contact us for q's and requests!

P.S. The actual Stemn bracket and chair parts at the bottom of the photo are not included in the sample kit.
The tiniest lil thing in the image above is the Swiss Army Knife of Stemn bracket finishes, so you can see what each color looks like. Here they are in real life: 👇
We also *just* posted a story on Instagram about how Fyrn's chairs and stools flat pack. Here are some images worth peeping. 😉
Uhm, yeah. Look at how much space their packaging saves. Fyrn is flattening the carbon footprint curve!
The actual box. 👆
This is what's inside the box! Can you believe it?!

*Shoutout to bläanks rolled stitch throw providing the perfect backdrop.
Et voilà –– a chair. Specifically, the Mariposa. But all of their chairs and stools are packed like this. Badass.
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