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We are happy to report that the DE team has finally recovered from their imaginary destination vacations, which we covered in our last newsletter. Fake vacations can be really exhausting! But, here we are. Labor Day is Monday. The Trader Joe's in South Pasadena has promised pumpkins next week. Autumn is nearly upon us. 
A propos of nothing, it's been awhile since we sang Fyrn's praises, so let's go ahead and do that. Pls scroll on.
*Pictured: Custom Fyrn Stools in Joy Cho's new home. Photo by Bethany Nauert.

No Price Hikes.

Lately, we've been hearing about other vendors' price hikes from a lot of our clients. That's one thing we love about Fyrn - they haven't raised their prices this past year, not once. 
*Pictured: The Burma Club in SF. YUM.

On-Time Deliveries.

Fyrn is a well-oiled machine, and they don't deliver late. 
 What? They just don't. 
*Pictured: The lovely Ernest SF.

Planet first design.

Fyrn products are designed from parts and pieces and have a circular product ecosystem. Moving? Re-decorating? If there's a (good) reason you no longer want or need your gently-loved Fyrn products, Fyrn will buy them back. You can check out their newly launched Buy Back and Exchange programs here. And if you're moving into a new spot and don't mind using pre-owned Fyrn, well, then YOU can buy them back! We love a ‘nothing thrown away’ mindset.

Quick Ship.


Do you see how hard and fast this ship is sailing? That's how hard and fast Fyrn works to make sure your quick-ship order is produced and delivered on time. Oh, the lead time? Select products take just 1-2 weeks + freight. Yeah. It's QUICK.

Alas, just a few of the many reasons we love Fyrn. And this is the abridged version!

 *Pictured: The glamorous bar at Lioco Wine Co in Healdsburg.



Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


The DE Team


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