Felt Has Officially Been BAUX'd.

Felt has officially been BAUX'd.
We all know and love BAUX's wood wool and pulp products, right?

Well, there's a new kid on the block in the sound absorption world and we are very confident that it's got the 'right stuff.' BAUX's acoustic felt is already making waves - you can read about it here in Forbes Magazine - but only after you read this post, of course. 😉 
Meet Acoustic Felt! 

The brainchild of Form Us With Love —— a beloved design studio based in Stockholm —— acoustic felt is made from 100% traceable textile offcuts to create sustainable sound solutions. 
The product.

The materials are processed and made into acoustic felt, which is available in a series of dividers. Right now, the acoustic felt comes in three colors: black mix, grey mix, white mix.

Each color comes in several different sizes in order to meet all of your design needs. You can see the specifications here

BAUX's acoustic felt can be used with a side table clamp, a top table clamp, a table stand, or a floor stand.

So. Many. Options.
BAUX's acoustic flexfelt is a versatile sound absorption system with endless possibilites!

Please contact us if you'd like to learn more, or receive a sample kit. 🧡

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