DE featured in Metropolis Magazine.

EXTRA EXTRA: DE featured in Metropolis Magazine!

Last week, DE's Sustainability Check was written up in Metropolis Magazine by Jessica Ritz, and gosh were we flattered. 
Read on for photos and excerpts, and of course, click here to read the full article. 
TLDR; ‘Sustainability Check from the Los Angeles-based multi-line agency Denvir Enterprises offers smaller sustainability-minded brands an alternative to costly product certifications.’
DE's Sustainability Check has been in the works for some time. 
You can read about how each of the brands we represent tackles sustainability and manufacturing here. ☺️
“From my background as a designer and on the sales side, I knew how difficult it is to find information about sustainability,” Holland Denvir says. “Even on the brand side it can be really hard.”
We founded Denvir Enterprises to give small, diverse businesses an opportunity to win big business, and we're hoping our Sustainability Check will do just that. 

And speaking of sustainability…

BAUX has officially invested in resources to fulfill one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals - Goal #13. This involves striving to make all areas of our business Climate Neutral.

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