'Cause We Are Living In A Materials World...

There's a new brand on the block, and it's Nomadory! We are so excited to add them to our roster. Nomadory is your one stop shop for soft goods by artisans from India and beyond. Oh, customization, you ask? Just you wait and read!

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'Cause we are living in a materials world...
When it comes to interior design, we actually are living in a material world. Pre-Covid, we used to love seeing design libraries, because when it comes to materials, the sky really is the limit. This is why at DE, we have carefully curated the brands we work with so that when it comes to materiasl, you have options. See below for some light reading on which brands use what. Maybe give Madonna's 'Material Girl' a listen while you read. 😉
bläanks is leading the charge in this week's newsletter with its all-natural materials:
          • Recycled Cotton
          • Egyptian Cotton
          • Merino Wool
Their recycled cotton is truly special. It is made from 100% virgin cotton fabric scraps — off-cuts gathered from apparel factories — that are then emptied into shredding machines before being turned back into fiber. The result is super soft yarn for the pillows and throws that you need for your next hospitality project. 🧶
B is for BAUX! BAUX has revolutionized the acoustic world with their wood wool and acoustic pulp. It's fun to imagine a giant 'sweater wall' but the ingredients aren't what you might expect. 
Wood Wool:
          • Wood slivers (known as wood wool)
          • Cement
          • Water
Acoustic Pulp:
          • Sustainably harvested Swedish Fir + Pine trees
          • Recycled water
          • Non GMO wheat bran
          • Potato starch
          • Plant derived wax
          • Citrus fruit peels
          • 100% biodegradable! 
And no. You can't eat them (yet). We tried. 😉
Did you know that pink stained glass is the most expensive colored glass you can buy? That's because it's made using various concentrations of metallic gold. Creating stained glass is no joke!

Above, Debbie Bean has sourced both new and vintage stained glass pieces to create a stained glass window for a craftsman house in Los Angeles, built in 1912. We can't wait to see the finished product! ✨
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? We aren't sure about a woodchuck's wood preference, but Fyrn offers quite the selection. Check out this materials list:
          • White Oak
          • Oxidized Oak
          • Black Oak
          • Maple
          • Black Walnut (low traffic only)
          • Machined Aluminum
          • Vegetable Tanned Leather
          • Natural Leather
What say you, woodchucks?
We will never, ever tire of talking about Gantri's materials. Mostly because individually, they are so deliciously edible. Corn on the cob with butter, salt and pepper? YES. Spoonfuls of sugar cane? We digress. Here's the short list of their materials:
          • Sourced from nature: corn, sugar beets, and sugar cane 
          • Gantri Plant Polymers — Custom PLA (polylactic acids) in (2) blends:
            • translucent
            • opaque
          • Water based paint
And out of that (in addition to some serious engineering and technology), comes a lamp. 🤯

Did you know that you can purchase Gantri products on their website with a 10% discount using the code 'DENVIR' at checkout? But only after you've finished reading this post!
Nomadory! We bet you want the scoop, right? Nomadory first and foremost, is a marketplace. They represent textile artisans in India, and soon other countries, like Morocco. Think soft goods — throws, pillows and rugs, to name a few. But that's not all! You can also customize products, even with really low quantities. 
Lastly, and certainly not least — Nomadory can help make design dreams a reality. Have you been wanting to bring a rug to market? Nomadory is the perfect liaison to help you do it. We can't wait to shake up the market with them AND support small-batch artisans around the world. 🎉
RAD keeps things pretty streamlined when it comes to both design AND materials — just one of the many reasons we ❤ them. Check it out:
          • Recyclable steel and aluminum
          • VOC free powder coat
          • White Oak
          • Ash
          • FSC Certified Kebony (weather-proof!)
          • Greengaurd GOLD certified acrylic
          • Formaldehyde-free HPL produced with renewable energy
          • Sunbrella textiles
BONUS CONTENT: Check out RAD's other project, Lander. It's a perfectly engineered skateboard made of fiber reinforced Nylon and recycled content made right here in LA. More materials!
It's a rare agency that can boast about not one but TWO amazing indoor-outdoor brands — and boast we shall. We like to say that Shift is RAD's East Coast cousin, working primarily in bent Recycled Aluminum. The list:
          • Recycled Aluminum
          • VOC free powder coat
          • HPL (table top)
          • Thermally Modified Ash (weather-proof!)
          • Marble 
Et Voila!

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