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We are so excited to announce that BAUX has joined the DE crew. BAUX is a Swedish brand specializing in sustainable acoustic products that benefit both the planet and people. 🌍


Denvir Enterprises is on a mission to Bring Sexy Back to the contract market. Below, we highlight selected information from each of our brands, which we hope piques your interest in just the right way. 

In case you find yourself wanting more, you can go ahead and click here to visit our new website, where you can view every single  product, from every single brand. Questions? Comments? PO's? You know what to do. 😉
BAUX is officially the new kid on the block, and versatility is the name of the game. Is it contract grade and sustainable? Aww. You know us by now. Of course it is. 🥰

BAUX starts with wood wool (wood slivers cut from logs), water, and cement to create tiles that provide the following:
          • Sound absorption
          • Moisture & heat regulating
          • Fire resistant
          • Mold and rot-resistant
          • Mechanically strong plaster base
          • Less noise = clearer mind
Who knew sound absorption could be this sexy?
When we think of steel, we think of two things: Superman, and RAD furniture. Let's talk some RAD numbers:
          • 5500+ total SKU's
          • 3,700 SKU's for cafe tables and chairs alone
          • 6-11 standard Tiger powder coat colors, No MOQ for customization
          • 7 wood, laminate, and acrylic surface materials for use indoors, outdoors, or both
          • 7 Sunbrella options for cushions, No MOQ for COM
Options can be such a turn-on. 😏
Did you know that Shift, aka Shiftmakes, is the brainchild of Shiftspace? That's right. Shift furniture was born out of the need, initially, for outdoor furniture that could be more easily integrated into landscape architecture. Since it's inception, the recycled aluminum line has grown to include indoor options too. Shift now offers:
          • Picnic + Dining/Conference Tables
          • Cafe + Side Tables
          • Chairs + Stools
          • Planters of various sizes
          • a Rain Tank
Aluminum has never been so alluring. ✨
BIFMA. What an acronym! It stands for 'The Business + Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association.' BIFMA provides 'an infrastructure for engineering and material standards' or, as we know, determines when a product is commercial grade. Did you know that Dims.' Cleo Chair is BIFMA certified? Here's a list of the other products that are in the process of being BIFMA certified:
That's right. Dims. isn't messing around. 

Durability — so desirable.


One thing we haven't talked about enough when it comes to Gantri is their roster of international designers. Gantri has been able to maintain a truly global lens by partnering with designers from the following countries:

          • Germany
          • The United States
          • Spain
          • Brazil
          • Switzerland
          • Italy
          • The United Kingdom
          • Mexico
          • Colombia
          • Canada
          • Ireland
          • Ukraine

Pictured above is the Paris Table Light by Javier Martinez of Spain, and the Lago Table Light by Heiter Lobo Campos, of Brazil. Do you know what's sexy? Different perspectives.

Sure, there are a lot of ways in which a furniture company can be sustainable. One of the many ways Fyrn does it is by making products that have a circular life cycle. Here's the abridged version of how it goes:
  1. Fyrn sources sustainable wood.
  2. Fyrn uses wood, patented technology + tools to make badass, durable and easily repairable product.
  3. Client buys product — in this case, a stool.
  4. 600 lb planter falls on stool, legs break.
  5. Replaces legs, stool is back in service in 24 hours, and broken pieces are composted.
  6. Nothing ends up in a landfill.
Sustainability. We're smitten.
We've been humming along about bläanks being your go-to knit manufacturer for the softest pillows and throws. Here are just a few more reasons why:
          • 3 yarn options: recycled cotton, Egyptian cotton, merino wool
          • All washing machine + dryer friendly (yes, even the wool!)
          • Merino wool color options: 20
          • Recycled cotton color options: 24
          • Egyptian cotton color options: 29
          • Textures: 12 standard + custom capabilities
          • Custom and black label options available 
          • Limits: your imagination
Soft is sexy.
*Don't forget to accessorize with help from Debbie Bean and Poketo!

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