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** Back to School + Thriving at Home
September! Normally, this month makes us feel nostalgic while we brace for shorter days and welcome traces of autumn in the air. We are definitely down for cooler temps, but this September feels anything but normal. Here, we present some options to help spruce up your work, education, and personal spaces, and hopefully help create a sense of calm.
*Face glue not included.
Dims. Cleo Chair
Make it sexy.
Or moody. Or bright. The Dims. Eave Desk and Cleo Chair make for a versatile duo that can easily be used as your WFH setup, a meeting table, or coloring book central. Chemical-free paint, sustainable wood and easy assembly make it perfect for personal or contract use. Additionally, they're beautiful. Seriously. We feel a sense of calm just looking at this photo. (And yes! There are other colors!) If you've got questions, we've got answers.
Fyrn Short & De Haro
Get Shorty.
Fyrn's backless chair, not the mobster movie! Small but mighty, Shorty packs a punch and is as versatile as it is sturdy. If you were to ask us, we'd put a few Shorties at our dining table, and use the De Haro backless counter stool for the kitchen island — that way your Shorties won't get lonely. 
It's in the details.
We all know that when it comes to a space, little details can make a big difference. That is why we love Poketo. It's the perfect place to shop for items that will upgrade your space or project, and put a smile on your face. Spice up your workspace with these lovely bookends, or bring the romance with some candleholders and tapers. Looking to get organized? Click here! Poketo has everything you didn't know you needed.
Shift Beekman Bird Feeder, Debbie Bean Stained Glass Panels Frank Lloyd Wright
How sweet is Shift's Beekman Bird Feeder? Hang it in your yard, on your front porch, or the rooftop of your next project. Once a family of animals makes it home, it will lift everyone's mood and provide fodder for lively conversations. Who doesn't love a real-life Animal Planet moment? Throw in a Jackson Cafe Table and chair, grab your local bird guide, and voila!
Looking for something to inspire? Find a way to incorporate some stained glass by Debbie Bean! A sun catcher will do, or we can help facilitate something custom, like this triptych she just completed for a Frank Lloyd Wright home in Illinois.
Word Light by Dims., bläanks, RAD Simple Stool
For your health.
It's time to take a break! Doesn't this setup look dreamy? We love when four DE brands come together for the ultimate moment of Zen. RAD's Simple Stool doubles as a seat or side table, and Dims.' Word Table Light manufactured by Gantri can help you read or set the mood for a meditation session. Get comfy with a bläanks pillow and throw for a nap or a cozy place to sit.
Dial 1-00I-LUV-DE00 to order now! (JK don't do that it's not real. But this
email addy is! Let's chat.)
Gantri Isla Table Lamp, Iceberg Table Lamp
Let it shine.
This little light of mine...I'm gonna let it shine! And Gantri does just that. Searching for minimal and multifunctional? Let the Isla Table Light collect your mail and keys. Looking for quirky? The Iceberg Table Light is the way to go. Whether it's a personal choice or for a professional project, Gantri really does have something for everyone. Now that's what we call inclusive!
Until next time, let your light shine and remember to request your mail in ballot. 🗳

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